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New FICO score taps underserved markets

Lenders can assess risk of consumers with slim or no credit histories

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Fair Isaac Corp. today extended its standard-setting FICO score to help lenders and other businesses better serve consumers who have minimal or no credit history on file. This FICO score can tap non-traditional sources of consumer data to assess the credit risk of these consumers – such as recent immigrants, people with low incomes, recent widows and divorcees, and young adults. While an estimated 160 million Americans have documented credit histories adequate for calculating classic FICO credit scores, an estimated 50 million consumers do not. Lenders in the mortgage, payment card, retail, telecommunications and related industries can now use FICO scores to better control their risk when extending credit opportunities to these consumers. Lenders also can easily integrate this score into existing decision systems. Fair Isaac has developed a network of information sources for non-traditional credit data to enable it to design and calculate highly predictive credit risk scores...