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Real estate brokerage partners with credit bureau

Prudential will use consumers' renting history to calculate credit score

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SAN FRANCISCO – Pay Rent, Build Credit and Prudential Action Real Estate have partnered to help consumers qualify to buy a house by using their renting history as proof of credit, the companies announced today at a press conference at Inman News' Real Estate Connect 2004. The two companies have put together a marketing brochure that Prudential Action plans to distribute both in English and Spanish to potential homebuyers in the New York City neighborhoods it serves. The brochure explains PRBC's approach and how consumers can use their history of paying rent and other bills to buy a house. Hear Barry Diller and industry luminaries predict the future of real estate! Get complete audio recordings of this year's event by becoming a Member of Inman News. Join now! Annapolis, Md.-based PRBC is a national credit bureau that lets consumers establish and build a credit history with things such as rental payments, as homeowners do with mortgage payments. PRBC's Web site lets consumers e...