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Real estate question gets complex

Part 1: Growing competition for home buyers, sellers

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Editor's note: This two-part story includes highlights from an Inman News Special Report, "Controlling the real estate transaction: Who's in charge?" The full 40-page report is available free to Inman News members. To become a member, visit the member sign-up page. (See Part 2: Intense debate over bundled real estate services.) It used to be a simple question: "Who controls the real estate transaction?" And a simple answer: "The real estate agents and brokers, of course." The question and answer are more complex now, as new business models defy tradition and define new paradigms in real estate services and rates. More players are vying for first-contact with consumers and for guiding consumers through the real estate transaction. Agents and brokers are still the primary controllers in real estate transactions, according to an informal Inman News survey conducted in June. But lenders, mortgage brokers and online listing and lead-generation sites, among others, also are considered prim...