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One real estate technology plug, one outlet

Standards adoption picks up pace

SAN FRANCISCO–Technology standards are gaining traction in the real estate and mortgage industries. That means MLSs, real estate brokers, mortgage originators and other companies have more choice when deciding what new applications they want to plug into existing platforms. The analogy used to describe real estate technology standards is "One type of plug, one type of outlet"–also the title of a panel discussion here Thursday at Inman News' Real Estate Connect 2004. Participants talked about various types of standards being developed for real estate, mortgage, title transactions and public records databases. "At the end of the day, this is about MLSs, agents and brokers buying technology and being able to plug it into their systems and have it work," Kevin McQueen, president of Focus Forward Consulting, said in the discussion. McQueen works with RETS, the Real Estate Transaction Standard group. His role for the last year and a half has been to help the group spre...