Seller financing worthy of 6% interest rate

Condo buyer seeks eager-to-sell property owner

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DEAR BOB: I am in the process of cleaning up my credit. But I want to buy a condo in a specific complex, preferably with seller mortgage financing. I plan to send condo owners at the complex solicitation letters in the hopes they will sell to me directly, thus saving the realty agent's sales commission. I have a 3 percent to 6 percent down payment. Do you think a seller will finance my condo purchase at 3 percent interest? That's about what they can earn at a bank. Will this work? – Judith N. DEAR JUDITH: Get realistic. You are totally out of touch by offering a condo seller only a 3 percent interest rate in a 6 percent mortgage market, especially considering your extremely low cash down payment. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Unless a condo owner in your "target complex" is highly motivated to sell when your letter arrives, you will probably get little or no response. However, if you offer a seller a 6 percent mortgage interest rate, that might get the attention of a condo o...