Do city ordinances regulate condo noise?

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DEAR BOB: Six months ago, I moved into a condo I purchased. It was an apartment building conversion to condominiums. I discovered there is virtually no soundproofing between my unit and my neighbors above. They keep different hours than I do. Their animals are up at all hours. I haven't slept a full night since moving in. I've been back and forth with them and the homeowner's association, but with no results. Is there a city ordinance that requires the noise between condo units to be below a certain level? Some nights it sounds like my upstairs neighbors are in my own room with me, especially when they drop things or make a racket. It has become unbearable. What can I do, as I'm desperate? – Jennifer H. DEAR JENNIFER: Most cities do not have any noise ordinances affecting condos. But I understand your problem extremely well because I had a similar problem with the first condo I owned. If it is any comfort, bad soundproofing is the number one complaint of most condo owners. Purc...