Wood preservation 101

Tips for keeping outdoor decking long-lasting, mildew-free

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Q: Could you tell me the difference, as far as the results are concerned, between pressure washing a deck or sanding it to take the black residue off? A: We would definitely pressure wash rather than sand. The results are the same after the wood dries, and sanding is dirty, backbreaking work. Pressure washing, on the other hand, is a nice thing to do on a warm day. It's kind of like playing in the sprinkler when you were a kid. Spring is the time to work on that deck so you can enjoy long summer days with your favorite beverage and a ballgame on the radio. Now that the rainy season is about over – we hope – it's time to start thinking about the multitude of outdoor projects around almost every home. Lawns, shrubs and decks require periodic treatment to beautify their appearance and enhance the beauty and value of your home. During the last year, we have received several questions from readers asking for the best ways to maintain and preserve wood structures in the b...