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A new look at working where you live

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Researchers at the University of San Francisco have a new approach to the popular practice of working where you live. Their concept, dubbed "enterprise housing," is simple: Provide child care and elder care services, and communal work facilities such as studios and kitchens in affordable, condominium-type developments that allow people to work where they live while building equity. Eugene J. Muscat, a business professor at the university, said enterprise housing is "work-live" housing as opposed to traditional "live-work" units. "San Francisco doesn't need swimming pools. It needs elder care, day care, commercial kitchens and studios. If you add that to housing complexes or developments it creates an environment that supports enterprise," he said. "We have inflated our housing prices to the point where the traditional family business operation has both become dangerous, or difficult to do, and absolutely essential," said Muscat. Muscat, a San Francisco native who grew up in a home abo...