Home-seller remorse erupts over sale price

Is it easy to back out of deal?

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DEAR BOB: Looking back, my wife and I realize we sold our home much too cheaply. We're not blaming our listing agent (the price we set was $30,000 higher than his recommended price). But we suspect he already had a prospect for our desirable home. The buyer agreed immediately to our asking price and included a $5,000 deposit check to seal the deal, which recently closed. But now we wonder. Suppose we had decided not to sell, sent the buyer's check back, and took our house off the market. Would we still have owed our listing agent a 6 percent sales commission, even without a sale, because he brought us a qualified buyer? – Walker P. DEAR WALKER: If your listing agent brought you a full-price, all-cash, no-contingency purchase offer, which exactly met the listing terms that you refused to accept, your agent did his job of obtaining a "ready, willing and able buyer." Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. He would have been entitled to his full listing commission even if you rejecte...