What to consider before trading up or down

Don't overlook sale of current home

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Before you buy a bigger or smaller home, it's wise to consider that at some point you may want or need to sell your current home. Some repeat home buyers get so caught up in the home buying part of the process, that they overlook the selling side until they're forced to take action. This can lead to trouble on several fronts. Most sellers need do some de-cluttering, cleaning and sprucing before they are offer their home for sale. That is, if the aim is to maximize the return from the sale. Properly preparing a home for sale takes time. People who buy their new home first usually feel pressure to sell their old home as quickly as possible. The prospect of owning two homes for long is not too appealing. One way to ensure that you can bring your home on the market as soon as you've found your next home is to have your current home prepared for sale, before you get into contract to buy the new home. This strategy requires planning ahead. One couple did just that when they decided to mov...