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Rookie Realtor finds disclosure panacea

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I've been amazed at the number of letter writers who've taken time out of their busy schedules to comment on my column from last week, which wondered whether the presence of an Islamic mosque needed to be disclosed to a home buyer. It's particularly interesting to note that about half the letters that Inman News has published say such a disclosure is required, while the other half suggest that it's not only unnecessary but might even violate federal fair-housing laws. So, if even veteran real estate agents can't agree on what types of things must be disclosed, what's a home seller supposed to do in order to stay out of trouble? Order "The Rookie's Toolkit" I'm just a "rookie Realtor," trying to make it through my first year of the business. And so far, nothing has perplexed me (or most of the other new agents I hang out with) than the basic question of what needs to be disclosed and what does not. Join RookieTalk! When I was in real estate school with other newbies a year ago, our pr...