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Re: 'Rookie Realtor finds disclosure panacea' (Aug. 17) Dear Rookie: Think about it. A mosque is a place of religious worship. Do we disclose a nearby Baptist church, Catholic church, or Methodist church? No. The prospective buyer has the right to tour the surrounding area, and come to his/her own personal opinion about the surrounding places of worship, restaurants, schools, and shopping venues. Wouldn't disclosure of a nearby mosque be considered "targeted" religious discrimination? If we disclose one particular religious facility, shouldn't we disclose them all? Is this issue driven by personal fear and is it even fair to discuss the "issue"? Is it discriminatory? Doesn't federal law prohibit such disclosure in an effort to remain unbiased toward issues, such as religion, gender, race and sexual preference, in a realty transaction (such as the California agent stated?) Cassie DavisRookie Texas Realtor Dear Rookie: Personally, I wouldn't put the back-door disclosure clause in my co...