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Million-dollar California beach home for just $150

Prospective homeowners bring checkbook, lots of luck to raffle

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FOR SALE: Mediterranean-style home in prestigious part of Santa Barbara, Calif. 3 BRs, 1.5 Baths, FDR, French doors throughout. Rcntly remodeled, near beach, movie stars for neighbors. Valued at $1 mil-plus, yours for only $150. That's the type of breathless ad that a Realtor might print for the handsome, two-story home in ritzy Santa Barbara that's available today. And no, that's not a typographical error–it's all yours for just $150. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS. A "Benjie-and-a-half," like some say in Los Angeles, about 100 miles to the south. A "C-note plus fiddy," as others call it in parts of the San Francisco Bay Area to the north. Or, as the surfers who cut the Pacific waves just a few blocks from the exclusive Santa Barbara property might say, "'Bout half a lid, dude!" If you want to buy the property for $150, just bring your checkbook...and all the luck you can muster. The stunning home will be raffled off Sept. 4 by the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum, a local ...