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The Internet revolution

Basic e-business tools are widespread; advanced technology not the norm

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Businesses in rural areas have a higher adoption rate of basic commercial Internet technologies, such as e-mail, Web browsing and passive document sharing, than small and mid-sized metropolitan areas, according to an economic report prepared for the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. The report, prepared by researchers for the Center for the Study of Innovation and Productivity, a part of the bank's Economic Research Department, found that 85.1 percent of businesses in rural areas have adopted these basic Internet technologies, compared with 75.5 percent in small metro areas with a population below 250,000, 84.9 percent in mid-sized metro areas with a population from 250,000 to 1 million, and 90.4 percent in large metro areas with populations above 1 million. Overall, about 88.6 percent of U.S. businesses participate in these basic levels of Internet technology. A sample of 86,879 businesses with 100 or more employees at the end of 2000 were included in the study, which projecte...