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Words that clients hate

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Subtle word changes can have a big impact on your success rate with clients, and there are a few phrases out there that are guaranteed sales-killers. People are constantly responding to your words with positive or negative emotions. Create too many negative emotions and customers will pull away from you. You may not even be aware of negative phrases you've used, so we're going to point them out to you. Here's sales-killer No. 1: "I can't," as in "I can't find a home in that neighborhood in your price range." Better: "I'd like to expand our search to other neighborhoods to find something that meets your budget. Is that ok?"  The first phrase is negative–a downer, a conversation-killer. Always substitute "I choose to," or "I'd like to," in place of "I can't." It keeps you thinking about your options and it makes your client feel hopeful and empowered. Here are a few other phrases to watch out for: "Here's the problem." Customers don't want to hear your problems; they want t...