Real estate agents not sold on paperwork-only deal

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DEAR BOB: Although I contacted a real estate agent about listing my condo, I found a buyer on my own prior to signing the listing contract. But I still want the agent to handle all the paperwork to complete the sale. What is the customary compensation for the agent in this situation? She is employed by a real estate agency – Sharon D. DEAR SHARON: There is no customary fee for the situation you describe. But you should be aware most real estate agents working for a brokerage will be discouraged or prohibited by their broker from assisting you with the paperwork on your sale. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. The very good reason is the realty agent might incur liability if something goes wrong with the transaction, such as the buyer suing the seller for undisclosed defects. Smart realty agents stay out of risky situations like that where they are paid very little but their potential risk is very high. Instead, I suggest you hire a local real estate attorney to success...