Home inspector overlooks major furnace problem

Proper procedure would have discovered gas leak

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Dear Barry, When we bought our home, we hired an ASHI certified home inspector and accompanied him through the entire inspection. But he missed a major problem with our forced air furnace. The inspection report described the system as "normal," whatever that means, and merely recommended "routine maintenance and cleaning." When we moved in, we hired a heating company to clean and service the unit, as recommended by the inspector, and the heating guy showed me the inside of our heater. To our shock, it was full of rust holes, was producing carbon monoxide, and needed immediate replacement. Now we recall that our inspector never actually removed the cover panels when he inspected the heater. He just shined his flashlight through a small opening. When I called him about this, he said, "I recommended that you have the heater cleaned prior to close." But our report says nothing about doing this before closing the sale, nor was there any mention that the furnace was defective. What do we do...