The Non-Architect

Flying off the handle

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It is a wonder we fly at all. What with all the security measures now in place, metal detectors and other type of screening devices, the long lines at counters, surly airline agents and flight attendants who are more worried about their disappearing pension plans than your comfort, no locks on your bags and theft being up...Why do we do it? We love adventure; it is a status symbol; because my company makes me do it; Daisy's wedding and Aunt Bertha's funeral; the job interview that may put me on the road to success...and the list goes on. You would think that airport design should facilitate travel, that architects would help put color on our white knuckles, delight our senses while we wait in line, amuse us while we listen to the monotone orders of the security personnel. Think again. Who designs airports? Some are designed by iconic architects. Such is the case of Dulles airport in northern Virginia, and the TWA terminal at Kennedy International in New York, both designed b...