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Whose house is that?

Julie from Hollywood

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I love the shortcuts in Los Angeles that can take you from trafficked boulevards into rustic canyons. For natives only. Skies so blue. As my car screeched to a halt the other day – almost causing an accident behind the white van blocking the road – I looked up and realized that I was in front of Courtney Cox's house. The white Starline Tours van was precariously wedged halfway between those going up and those coming down the canyon street. How can the celebrities that live in the hills above Sunset stand the lack of privacy that they must endure when they become a target of the Starline Tours? Where do you draw the line between public and private these days? Standing in line at the supermarket, the magazines and tabloids are filled with all kinds of incredible stories: celebs and non-celebs. Where do they get all of this stuff? And how do you "hide" if you're famous and live in a city like L.A.? Not easily, it turns out if you're a famous person. Even the "simple fol...