Home buyer’s faith in real estate agent proves costly

Agent deems leaky roof not worth mentioning

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Dear Barry, Last year, I bought my first home. Being unfamiliar with real estate procedures, I failed to read most of the paper work. As part of this hasty oversight, I neglected to read the home inspection report. Instead, I relied on my agent, who told me there were no major problems in the report. I just signed the contract and closed the deal. But now I'm having problems with a leaky roof, and it turns out that this was reported by the home inspector. If I'd known about it in time, I'd have asked the seller to hire a roofing contractor and make repairs. But I was ignorant of the importance of a home inspection, so now I'm stuck with a major roof expense and wondering what to do. –Justin Dear Justin, "Ignorance is no excuse!" admonished the judge, with a stern wrap of the gavel. Unhappily, you allowed your lack of real estate experience – and perhaps the exuberance of a first-time home purchase – to obscure your need to be a cautious and prudent buyer. This is u...