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The Rookie Realtor reunion

Who showed up, shined on or dropped out

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The real estate school I attended last summer held a reunion recently to mark the one-year anniversary of our class's graduation. Twenty-one of my 37 former classmates showed up. As it turned out, the event was just a ruse to get us to sign-up for the continuing-education courses we need to keep our licenses intact: The "reunion party" basically consisted of two surly waiters who toted around platters of cold cocktail weenies and an occasional visit from a hostess, whose greasy tuxedo was several years older than the wine that she served in plastic cups. Fortunately, I didn't go to my real estate class reunion with the expectation of getting a good meal. I simply wanted to "catch-up" with my old friends, and perhaps trade some stories or advice that will help me as I start my second year in the sales business. Aw, shoot, who am I trying to kid? The real reason I went to the class's get-together was to see which of my former classmates are doing better than me, which ones ...