Apartment Hunting 101

Best deals found in surprising places

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Hunting for a new place to call home? Well, move over–you're not alone. According to the National Multi-Housing Council, which surveys apartment-related firms from across the country, the apartment market has tightened in the last year, especially since spring 2004. What does that mean to renters? Less apartment supply and more tenant demand. How to start looking for a new place and improve your odds of nabbing your dream space? Keep in mind that the less expensive units go first (and fast), while the higher-end places may already be vacant and waiting. No matter what you're looking for, start with people you know, from school, work or place of community. Most universities and junior colleges have both bulletin boards and apartment listing services in many areas. Local bulletin boards can also be found in smaller towns at grocery stores or even the local post office. Next, learn to read a map. Not just a map of the area you're looking to rent, but a zoning map of the area, t...