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New service converts clicks to calls

Online lead generator offers pay-per-call ad service

Now advertisers can choose to pay per call when consumers click on their Web sites through a new online advertising service launched by Similar to's pay-per-click service, advertisers create ads relevant to their businesses that are shown to prospective customers searching for products and services on the Network. The service is offered through's partnership with Ingenio, which developed and powers the technology behind the application. The pricing models are similar to pay-per-click, with ads listed in descending order of bid price and delivered to the prospective customer typically as a result of a query. A key difference is that advertisers bid on relevant categories, not keywords, and also choose the geography in which they wish their ads to show: city, region, state and/or national. With the pay-per-call service, advertisers only pay when someone calls them after seeing their ad, as opposed to the pay-per-click service in wh...