Climate dictates home-siding options

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Q: We need to replace the siding on our house. We live in San Francisco, and our house is often in the damp fog. A contractor said vinyl siding is the best choice, but another one says synthetic fiberglass siding is better. A third recommends redwood. What is the best siding for lots of exposure to fog, wind, rain and sun? A: Based on the choices you've given us, we'd have to go with the vinyl siding over redwood. Without more information, we really can't comment on synthetic fiberglass siding. Vinyl siding will stand up well to fog, wind, rain and sun and, if installed properly, will be watertight. Vinyl siding is comparatively inexpensive and it does not require maintenance. It will retain its original look for years. In our view, the drawback to vinyl siding is aesthetic. We don't think it's very attractive. But we are not the final word here. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and reasonable minds can differ. We'd recommend against choosing redwood or any other nat...