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Advice for the Rookie Realtor

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Re: 'Rookie Realtor under attack' (Sept. 21) Dear Rookie: Just three words: Backup, Backup, Backup. My college computer professor promised us that all data storage disks, whether harddrive or floppies, are destined to fail one day. He did not add that Murphy's Law would be a corollary to his axiom but you all know that it would be. This backup advice is easily given, not so easily taken. Have your computer guru show you how to backup files; he is probably doing it for the brokerage daily anyway. The backup part always seemed easy to do, just follow the prompts. It's that damn "Restore" function I never got right. Good luck. Bob ReisigCentury 21 All Professional Real EstateSacramento, Calif. Dear Rookie: Well, Rookie, you've learned the first law of computers: BACK UP YOUR DATA! Every week. No matter what. If it's critical data, burn a CD and store it off-site (like a bank vault). I agree with you completely on hackers, and would string them up by the short hairs if I had a chance (ha...