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Rookie Realtor hates the ‘Bubble’ headline

Doom-and-gloom market stories give false impression

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I'm starting to hate the news media. And judging from some recent conversations with my Realtor colleagues, a lot of other sales agents hate them, too. We don't have a problem with newspapers, TV, radio or the Internet per se. Without them, we wouldn't know much about the war in Iraq, the presidential elections, the scores of last night's ballgames or the weather forecast for tomorrow. But when it comes to reporting on the real estate business, the media is something most real estate agents could definitely do without. Order "The Rookie's Toolkit" At my brokerage firm's sales meeting last week, our office manager passed around a packet of recent news clips–there were eight, in all–about how sales are supposedly slowing, how price gains are calming, and how the market is slowly starting to turn back toward buyers' favor. (By the way, six of the eight stories referred to the "housing bubble." If I hear that hackneyed phrase one more time, I think I'm personally going to "bu...