Building a house from scratch

New book reveals how to build custom home on spec budget

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The sub-title of "The House You Build" by architect Duo Dickinson says it all: "Making real-world choices to get the home you want." This is a unique "how to" book for those who want their custom-designed new home to be built within its budget. The author comes across as somewhat of a "cheapskate" but with excellent taste. He suggests several principles, such as use standard materials creatively, don't be in a hurry, hire a good architect who designs homes you would want to own, build a custom house on a spec-house budget, hire a general contractor, don't fight the building site, build in phases, be patient, and have a sense of humor. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. This new book is filled with 19 examples of homes built within the last few years that have special features and designs Dickinson thinks are worthy of sharing. The example homes range from 1,056 to 3,645 square feet. They cost $180,000 to $643,000 to build, excluding land costs. This new book is filled with beautiful c...