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New software aims to safeguard online privacy

Unlimited e-mail addresses can be integrated with Yahoo!, Hotmail accounts

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Software provider Privacy Inc. today announced the availability of Opaque, a privacy management tool that aims to protect consumers' identity while online. Opaque's technology enables users to protect their private information from being shared, stolen or misused by keeping their e-mail address private. Opaque generates unlimited virtual e-mail addresses (v-mails) for use online, preventing the abuse of a consumer's "real" e-mail address. This second-generation product aims to offer users increased functionality and compatibility not only with Hotmail, Yahoo!, Google or ISP-based e-mail accounts, but also with Microsoft's Office Outlook platform and Apple Macintosh systems. With Opaque, users can control who has access to their Inbox, create trusted e-mail relationships, and set their individual privacy level to screen or block unapproved senders. Opaque has the ability to protect users' identity online even if v-mails are shared or stolen by screening all incoming e-mail again...