Real estate negotiation tactics ensure profits

Part 2: Learn how to outbid buyers in foreclosure auction

(Part 2 of a two-part series. See Part 1: Six key questions to ask when buying, selling real estate.) Whether you are a home buyer or seller, a real estate sales agent, or a "tycoon" real estate investor, a key component to your success is your negotiation skill. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Having been a realty investor, broker and college real estate teacher for 37 years, I've discovered there is always more to learn about real estate negotiation tactics. Even Donald Trump doesn't know everything about real estate negotiations. Today we focus on the five key real estate negotiation tactics the most successful negotiators use and anticipate the other negotiation party will also use on you. 1–THE NON-STOP NEGOTIATOR WHO NEVER STOPS "NIBBLING" TO GET A BETTER PRICE OR TERMS. This is primarily a buyer's negotiation tactic. I've never seen it used by a seller. Non-stop negotiators keep negotiating even after the sales contract is signed. They view the signing of the agreemen...