Buying real estate with ‘nothing down’

New book discusses how to find motivated sellers

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There isn't much new from the previous best-seller editions in Robert G. Allen's "Nothing Down for the 2000s." Whether you are a beginner home buyer or real estate investor, or a seasoned "old pro" real estate tycoon, Allen's latest edition is still a great read. Before continuing with this book review, I must confess what I learned in the original edition of "Nothing Down" earned me substantial profits. I even took Robert Allen's weekend course when he personally taught it. As I recall, the cost was around $295. Today, his course costs thousands of dollars. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Most prospective home buyers and real estate investors are not fully aware what nothing down really means. It does not mean the property seller won't receive any cash. Often, the nothing-down seller receives 100 percent cash and walks away with a smile. But nothing down does mean the buyer doesn't come up with any cash from his/her own pocket. For example, I recall one nothing-down residence p...