Nor rain nor shine, proper inspection required

Inspector overlooks roof damage

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Dear Barry, I bought my home about two years ago, and my home inspector listed no roof problems in his report. A year later, some of the shingles blew off. When I contacted the inspector, he brought some replacement shingles and nailed them in place. But more shingles blew off later, so I called a roofing contractor. He said the shingles are cracked, worn, and need to be replaced. The inspector says he only inspected the roof from the ground because of winter weather, and he insists that this is a common practice among home inspectors. Regardless of weather conditions, shouldn't he have provided me with proper disclosure of the roof's condition? –John Dear John, If the roof was wet at the time of the inspection, this may have prevented the inspector from walking on it. However, it should not have prevented him from setting his ladder against the eaves to get a closer look at the shingles. Inspecting shingles from the ground only, simply because of winter weather, could be an a...