Gated community rocked by fatal accident

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James Hauser was a passenger in a car driven by Jack Incorvia within a gated community where the roads are owned by the homeowner's association. After attending a series of parties at homes within the community where he consumed illegal drugs and alcohol, intoxicated Incorvia drove his car off the road into a tree, killing passenger Hauser. Hauser's minor child, Jaylee Titus, brought this lawsuit against the homeowner's association and its security service for premises liability damages arising from Hauser's death on the homeowner association road. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. At the trial, the homeowner's association and its security service explained it had no connection with the death-causing event, namely Incorvia's careless driving. Although Incorvia lived in the community with his father, and he had been previously ticketed for speeding, evading arrest and "running stops," the homeowner's association argued it was not liable for Incorvia's conduct. Evidence produced by ...