Property line debate requires professional mediation

Hedges, fences, trees don't establish boundaries

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DEAR BOB: About 30 years ago, our neighbor planted a hedge for privacy. He didn't have a survey made. But he says he planted the hedge well within his side of the property line. About 10 years ago, he installed a chain link fence with a gate allowing an exit onto our property. The fence is about 3 feet from the hedge in our direction. But about five years ago, I got tired of looking at that fence so I planted a flower garden about 4 feet from the fence on our property. Now the neighbor says my flowers are planted on his property because he planted his hedge far inside his property line. In the event one of us sells our home, what are the consequences? – Bonnie B. DEAR BONNIE: Hedges, fences and even trees don't establish property lines. Only a professional survey can determine where the true boundary is with your neighbor's lot. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. If you are on speaking terms with your neighbor, why not suggest you jointly hire a professional surveyor and spli...