Newlyweds fight to prove ownership of inherited real estate

Wedding-gift home comes with a defective title

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DEAR BOB: As a wedding gift, my husband's aunt gave us her deceased father's home. She and my husband signed the deed and forwarded it to the city for recording. Next, we discovered the aunt never did anything about the property after her father's death. After speaking with a title insurance company, my husband and his aunt went to the city-county building to complete the necessary paperwork showing that upon her father's death she was the only heir of the property. But now the title company says there is a mortgage on the property. Although my husband's aunt is elderly, she is certain the mortgage was paid in full. I contacted the mortgage company listed and was told with a loan this old they need to research it. But they need a deed and mortgage payoff statement, which we don't have. We hit one brick wall after another. Is a title insurance policy really necessary? If so, how do we go about finding old paperwork for a home whose owner is deceased? – Brandy S. DEAR BRANDY: The o...