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Dog-friendly real estate a hot buy

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A friend of mine has a great real estate listing in the Hollywood Hills. It's a beautiful renovation with fabulous views, but its only shortcoming is that it has no yard. He figured that it probably wouldn't appeal to buyers with kids anyway–it's more of a couples' retreat–but he never expected the reaction he's been receiving. "There's no yard...for the dog," the prospective clients all say. The hills here are filled with dogs. You hear them barking through fences and howling at coyotes. You'd think that in a neighborhood that is so hilly and without sidewalks that the dog enthusiasts would be discouraged. But it's just the opposite. The residents tackle the hillsides with vigor at the end of the day, walking, sweating, jogging and dreaming with their dogs by their side. If you're a "top dog" in Los Angeles and can't return home at a decent hour to play catch with your four-legged friend, there's a dog-walking professional in your life. For an outrageous sum (which cert...