Laser-guided saws really get you lined up

'Measure twice, cut once'

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You've no doubt heard the expression "measure twice, cut once" as a reminder of how to make your carpentry and woodworking cuts more accurate. If you want to take that old adage one step further, how about having a laser guiding you when you make that one cut? Lasers have worked their way into a number of construction tools these days, and a growing number of manufacturers are now offering laser-guided saws, with more being introduced each year. Miter saws are the most popular, but there are also a couple of circular saws now being offered as well.  All laser-guided saws work along the same basic principle. A small, safe laser generator is located on the housing of the saw, directly adjacent to the blade. This projects a bright red, highly accurate line onto your work piece, which indicates the line that the blade will take. Simply make sure that the red laser line is aligned with the mark where you want to cut, then just follow the line to ensure an accurate placement of the bla...