Best retirement places rated

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If you or a parent plans to retire and relocate within the next five years, reading "Retirement Places Rated, Sixth Edition" by David Savageau will be time very well spent. For more than 20 years, the author has been studying and ranking the best places to retire based on several criteria most retirees consider. The criteria Savegeau uses are Ambiance, Costs of Living, Climate, Personal Safety (Crime), Services, and The Economy. At the book's conclusion, in the "Putting It All Together" chapter, the author rates more than 200 retirement destinations by considering all these criteria. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. The superb Appendix includes many relocation resources. A few communities are so anxious to attract retirees they will even pay part of your moving costs. Statistically, the author explains, a retiree moving to a community is worth several full-time jobs after considering retirement income retirees usually bring with them. Interestingly, Savegeau begins by explaining...