Ensuring a watertight house

How do I install concrete sealer?

Q: My house is on a hill and the driveway is built of cement on a wood framing. When I moved in 15 years ago, the inspector suggested I get the contractor to seal the cement to keep water from seeping down and causing the wood to deteriorate. Now, I think it may be time to reseal, but I don't remember what product the workers used. Also, would I need to remove what is on there now and could that be done with a pressure washer? My 60-year-old stucco house has brick stairs that rise over the garage from a cement landing, and turn left. In winter, water seeps through the stairs to the garage. The brick stairs are supported by wood. What is the best way to stop the leaking to the garage? Is a waterproof sealant all right? A: The rainy season is upon us once again. It's time to think about stopping, or at least limiting, the infiltration of one of a house's worst enemies: water. We applaud Judith's sense of prevention in wondering if it might be time to reseal her driveway. Our answer i...