Tenants’ rights gain momentum nationwide

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Q: Our landlady just told us she wants our apartment and asked us to move out next month. What are our rights? Are we entitled to any compensation? A: Tenant rights across the country have been increasing as the issue of landlords wanting possession of their property has become more regulated and complex, especially in rent-control areas. Compensation is also growing, as housing and moving costs rise. First off, if you still have a lease in force, it will remain in place until expiration. If a lease has expired, or is a month-to month type, other factors jump in. Move-out requests cannot be oral–they must always be made in writing and delivered to the tenant with proper warning time to move out. What's proper warning time? Depends on many factors. Some cities in California, such as Los Angeles and Santa Monica, have highly detailed laws when it comes to notice required for owners to tenants, depending on tenant age, infirmity, plus family or marital status. If no city law exists,...