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Dear Barry, We are very unhappy with our home inspector. When we bought our home, he reported what he thought was a roof problem and an interior mold problem. He admitted that he was not a licensed roofer or a mold expert and recommended further evaluation. After moving in, we hired a roofing contractor and a mold expert. Both said there were no problems. Thus, we wasted $200 on needless inspections because of this home inspector who, by his own admission, is not qualified. The last thing we want is to deal with him ever again, and I intend to spread the word about his services. If a home inspector is not qualified to inspect for mold, roof conditions, or anything else, he should keep his mouth shut! – Earl (not my real name) Dear Alias Earl, Your situation raises some interesting issues regarding the practice of home inspection. To begin, the purpose of a home inspection is to identify observable defects and recommend further evaluation and repairs in accordance with those obser...