Real estate mishap leaves house to ex-family member

Cancer survivor may face homelessness

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DEAR BOB: About six years ago, I was diagnosed with inoperable terminal cancer. My doctor told me I had, at most, a year to live, probably less. So I deeded my house to my only heir, my daughter. Thanks to experimental drugs, my rare form of cancer went into remission. But about four months ago, my daughter was killed in an auto crash. Her will, dated 1999, leaves her assets to her now ex-husband. I have no idea why she didn't change her will when they divorced in 2002. The unhappy result is "my house" where I am still living goes to my daughter's ex-husband. Do I have any legal recourse? – Wanda G. DEAR WANDA: Please consult a local attorney. From your description of the situation, it appears the house you deeded to your late daughter now belongs to her ex-husband. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Your situation is another reason why property owners should not transfer titles to their heirs, in anticipation of death. A far better alternative would have been to place your h...