Home buyer obtains an ‘impossible’ real estate loan

Mortgage broker saves the day

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DEAR BOB: I just thought you should know about how great a really good mortgage broker can be. Having read your articles every week for years, I know there are a few "sleezeball" mortgage brokers out there. But my husband and I had a real tough situation. We sold our old home because of my husband's job promotion and transfer. His employer's relocation company was worthless. We found the home we wanted to buy. But, we have a "checkered" credit history. My credit report is great, with a 740 FICO score. But my husband's credit report is pretty bad, with only a 594 FICO score. Thanks to you, we obtained our credit reports and FICO scores at so we knew our situation. The mortgage lender recommended by my husband's employer refused to help us. Then we saw a little ad in the newspaper that said "Credit problem? No Problem." So we applied. Within four days, we had a 100 percent mortgage at 6.25 percent fixed interest with only a 2 percent loan fee. Thanks to that mortgage broke...