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Political analyst offers straight talk on 2004 election

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Four years ago, Florida was the center of an election drama that delayed a final decision on the nation's presidency. This year, Charles E. Cook Jr. said he's glad it didn't happen again. Cook, a political analyst, handicapper and commentator who spoke last week during a political forum at the National Association of Realtors conference in Orlando, Fla., said, "I'm absolutely ecstatic with this outcome." He said it doesn't matter to him who won the presidency – what matters is that there is a winner. The Realtors association is a powerhouse in politics, with 1 million members, a firmly established lobbying arm, and one of the most giving political action committee networks in the nation. As of Oct. 25, the association's Realtors Political Action Committee had contributed about $3.76 million to federal candidates in the past election cycle – about 52 percent of which went to Republicans and 48 percent of which went to Democrats. The presidential election race was "wave...