Unwelcome tenant spurs homeowner to legal action

Does freeloading 'friend' have right to live in home?

Question: My mother invited a "friend" who was down and out to stay with her while she got herself back on her feet. The "friend" turned out to be an extremely unethical, manipulative woman who is now refusing to move out of my mother's home after staying there for almost one year without paying any rent. My mother has asked her to leave and she has blatantly said "no." I want to know if she has any tenant rights. She has never signed a lease or paid even one dime of rent money. I would like to have the police department remove the woman. This is a very distressing situation so I would appreciate any help that you can give me. Landlord's attorney Smith replies: This is a tough question. From a legal standpoint, it is difficult to characterize the type of tenancy the manipulative "friend" has in the house. She is neither a month-to-month tenant nor a leaseholder, having never paid rent nor executed any written agreement. On the other hand, she is not a trespasser, having obtained cons...