A ‘safe’ bet for storing valuables

What's the best safe for you?

If you store valuables at home–anything from jewelry and cash to stamp collections or important documents–you might want to consider installing a residential safe. Safes designed for home use come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs, and there's sure to be one out there that's perfect for your needs. Residential safes come in three basic configurations: wall, floor, and freestanding. Many also allow you to choose between dial, keypad, and key-lock mechanisms, and there are even a variety of outside color choices now available. To protect your valuables, especially papers, from the risk of damage by fire, choose a safe that is fire-rated as well. Papers begin to scorch at approximately 450 degrees, so you want to look for a safe that is rated to keep the interior at 350 degrees or less for at least one hour. WALL SAFES Wall safes typically have a door with a non-removable hinge on either the side or the bottom. Smaller wall safes are only a single compartment, whil...