Web opens door to vacation rental bargains

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When do snowbirds start making plans to take flight? It obviously depends upon the season they are trying to avoid and the environment they are seeking to enjoy. And, because the Internet has made most corners of the world more searchable and easier to visit, more and more guests from the southern hemisphere are bringing their backward seasonal calendar to the states. Retirees, aging baby boomers and professionals who can work from a home just about anywhere often yearn for more sun about the time two consecutive fall football weekends are deluged with rain. According to older folks in my neighborhood, the getaway feeling began with a wet week in August. For those who do not own a second home yet prefer to make an annual sojourn to a different climate, it's always best to plan months in advance to grab a spot near your favorite golf course, beach or desert pool. Alfred and Emily Glossbrenner, authors and consultants who self-published "How to Make Your Vacation Property Work for You," ...