Kitchen cabinetry gets overhauled

Accents can give rooms a lift

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A cabinet handle can be a whole lot more than just something to grab onto to pull a door or drawer open. It can be an expression of your personal sense of taste and style, a whimsical addition to an otherwise plain surface, or even a quick facelift for a tired room. Cabinet hardware takes two specific forms: the pull, sometimes also called a handle, which connects to the door or drawer at two points and forms a recess you can slip your fingers into, and the knob, which only attaches at one point and has some type of raised lip or other protrusion that you can grip. In general, knobs are less expensive than pulls, and take less time to install. In addition to the pulls and knobs themselves, there are also backer plates, which sit behind the pull or knob. Backer plates are designed to help protect the surface of the cabinet from the wear while adding their own decorative touch, and can also be used to cover old screw holes. Selection is simply a matter of personal choice. Between home ce...