Unique methods to earn real estate foreclosure profits

New book urges deal-making with homeowner

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Whether you are a beginner or an "old pro" investor in foreclosure properties, "Quick Cash in Foreclosures" by Chantal Howell Carey and Bill Carey shows how to use unique methods to earn profits from foreclosures. This isn't the old "buy and hold" approach. The authors recommend sometimes not even taking title to the property. The book begins with an overview of the real estate foreclosure market, the opportunities, and how to best profit while also helping the distressed property owner. The Careys explain the four foreclosure purchase situations and when each should be used or ignored. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. "Another name for the quick-cash strategy is flipping. Flipping is the fastest way to make money in real estate. When you flip a property, you get in and out of a property in a short period of time," the authors explain. Then they emphasize their "top 10 advantages of the quick-cash strategy." These 10 advantages include no repair and maintenance costs, no monthly...