The perfect match for redwood siding

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Q: I recently had redwood siding replaced on one side of my house. The three other sides are also redwood, which has weathered and grayed. Eventually, they will also need new siding. How do I get the new siding to look like the old siding? What do I use to protect the siding from sun and rain? A: Unless you want to use paint, it's virtually impossible to match old and new siding. Redwood, like all woods, changes color as it ages because of ultraviolet rays, the rate at which the wood loses moisture and exposure to weather. This color change is not uniform. Different areas of the siding, indeed different boards, age at different rates. If you chose to seal or stain your home, the best you can hope for is to come close to a match, but we're pretty sure we'd be unhappy with the result of any attempted match. If you want to try for a match, let the new siding age until it starts to gray. This could take several years. Sand, then brush the siding with a stiff bristle brush or broom to r...