How can I ensure real estate passes to correct person?

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DEAR BOB: I live with my "significant other" in his house. That is not the issue. We recently bought a second home together. He has three daughters. I have one son. How will this second home be divided between the survivor and the children when one of us dies? – Susan D. DEAR SUSAN: If you and your significant other hold title as joint tenants with right of survivorship, the surviving joint tenant owns the entire property after one joint tenant dies. In other words, the winner (survivor) takes all. The will of the deceased joint tenant has no effect on joint tenancy property. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. When the surviving joint tenant dies, his or her 100 percent title then passes according to the terms of the survivor's will or living trust. However, if you and your co-owner hold title as tenants in common, when one of you dies, the deceased's half passes according to the terms of his or her will. Please consult a local real estate attorney to discuss your title situa...